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[cdt-dev] Customized CDT pluggins

Hello everybody,

I'm currently developping an IDE based on CDT to compile a project and I have a lot of problems :

1) My toolchain is composed of different tools which have the same input.
     .a -> tool 1 -> .b
     .a -> tool 2 -> .c
     .b -> tool 2 -> .c
  I would like that when both tools are present, the following toolchain is produced : .a -> tool 1 -> .b -> tool 2 -> .c and when tool 1 is missing the followig toolchain is produced .a -> tool 2 -> .c
By default, CDT realizes well these toolchains, but in the UI a red information is displayed "tools conflict between tool 1 and tool 2".
I would like to define a rule to resolve this problem, but I haven't found what option to modify in the plugin.xml file.

2) One of my tools needs many paths (gcc -Ipath1 -Ipath2 ..).  By default CDT can provide an "option" page for a tool where we can define the "options" to select  (checkbox, input text....).
I would like to select in a treeviewer all the folder to include in order to make the application more friendly user.
By default, it seems that CDT provides a textbox where it's possible to add the path one by one, but it's not suitable for the users....
I didn't see an extension point which let me doing that. Is it possible to customize an "option" page like i want ?

3) I saw that when we change the selected "toolchain", all the tools's settings are lost and reset by default.
Is it possible to cancel this action  and keep in memory the last state of each toolchain ? Is it easy to develop eventually ?
It's a little annoying when a user has selected all the "include path" for a tool and all is lost because he has just set a new toolchain ...

4) Some of my tools share the same options. Is it possible to "duplicate" or reference a same option for different tools ? (for example two tools which have the same include paths ..)
I 've only saw that an option is linked to a tool so i don't know how to do that.

I hope that you would answer to my questions

Best regard

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