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[cdt-dev] List of deprecated bugs

Hi Doug,

Shish, that has been a very long list of bugs/requests you marked deprecated, reports of ~7years of testing from the users side. Some of them I don't even remember, or at least thought of being already closed. Well, they have been even going back to version 1.x of CDT. I remember now my first encounter with Eclipse and CDT in 5th or 6th semester at University, and I still use Eclipse mainly for C/C++ development. In on PR I pasted a C++ snippest of my OS layer, and now, ~7years later I still use it at work to write and handle my embedded systems code. And even if there are still other solutions around like others prefer vim, emacs or e.g. SlickEdit, I still find features the others don't have. Like the highlighting of inactive code, the syntax coloring based on AST information, the evolving project management, the setup of Paths&Symbols together with some project specific variables... (ever worked on a #ifdef contaminated code base? ;/ ) Well, yes, there are still some annoying things around, but hey, I still live on the cutting edge of CDT mostly. Now, I encounter also how many companies switch over to and/or integrate with Eclipse+CDT too (e.g. Cantata, WindRiver, Rhapsody...) and I also see the community growing. So I just wanted to say thanks for the years of discovering a new build, finding new features and seeing CDT grow up, and I hope, there will be more years of evolution be coming. Keep up the good work, get rid of that deprecated PRs and good luck on fewer bugs and more feature PRs. ;)

a.k.a. kesselhaus

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