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RE: [cdt-dev] Can't install PTP 2.1

Thanks Beth

I did like you recommended and got it up and running :)

Here are the steps that I did to get it this amazing tool to work (perhpas this will help some one else )

1)  Fresh Eclipse installation ( classic 3.4  ) --> Classic  not the C/C++  ( don't know if I should used that one ? )

2 )  Added the latest (?) CDT :

3 ) Added the latest

4 ) Follow the Quick installation from this page:
Important step here is to only mark  ( otherwise you get the version conflicts, perhpas this was why my prev. installtion didn't work ?)

 *   Select "Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime"
 *   Select "RSE User Actions"

The only thing has happed now is the Eclipse is stucked in "Building workspace...."  that I need to cancel it each
time I need to save the a file on the linux box ?

I don't know if I need to install the RTD server on my linux box to run gcc/gdb ?

Next challenges will  be to get the build to fully work with makefiles :)


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Sent: 10 January 2009 16:32
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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Can't install PTP 2.1

Sorry you are having trouble!
I would suggest starting from scratch, with a new Eclipse installation.

The "quick installation instructions" at I wrote long before the release. It *looks* correct to me
but it might be better to follow the more formal instructions in the release notes at
If you can tell if anything is wrong (or misleading) with the "quick installation instructions" I'll fix them or else remove them and point to the longer instructions in the release notes.

Also you might want to try the latest build of PTP 2.1.1 at instead of 2.1.0
Be sure to use the latest CDT 5.0.2 either way (as I think you said you did, but the log messages are confusing things, thus the clean install might help).

Let us know how you fare.


Beth Tibbitts (859) 243-4981 (TL 545-4981)
High Productivity Tools / Parallel Tools
IBM T.J.Watson Research Center
Mailing Address: IBM Corp., 745 West New Circle Road, Lexington, KY 40511

[cid:1__=0ABBFFA9DFC7522B8f9e8a93df938@xxxxxxxxxx]Joachim Osbeck ---01/10/2009 05:55:48 AM---Sorry I have some problems installning the PTP (RDT)

Joachim Osbeck <Joachim.Osbeck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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01/10/2009 05:49 AM
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"CDT General developers list." <cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>



[cdt-dev] Can't install PTP 2.1

Sorry I have some problems installning the PTP (RDT)

I tried to install the RTD via the PTP package  but get error messages ( se below )

1) Updated to CDT to 5.02.2008...

2) Used the the latest nightly PTP build (


Joachim Osbeck

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Sent: 09 January 2009 14:48
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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Remote Complie and debug WinXp -> Linux -> Embedded Linux Device

The RDT plugins from the PTP project will let you do remote builds. Be forewarned you'll need the latest 2.1.1 nightly build with the latest CDT 5.0.2 nightly build as there was an issue with error parsing not working that has been fixed recently. Otherwise, your errors and warnings won't show up properly in the Problems View.

For remote debugging with GDB, you can either use gdbserver directly (run the debug server on your remote machine, and debug it with a local GDB), or use the Remote C/C++ Application launch configuration provided by RSE (which basically automates launching gdbserver for you).

Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT and RDT
IBM Toronto
[cid:1__=0ABBFFAADFD8F84D8f9e8a93df938@xxxxxxxxxx]Joachim Osbeck <Joachim.Osbeck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Joachim Osbeck <Joachim.Osbeck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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01/09/2009 07:57 AM
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[cdt-dev] Remote Complie and debug WinXp -> Linux -> Embedded Linux Device


I would like to use Eclipse cdt for my embedded Linux project and need to do my development on a WinXP.
I have a linux box and my embedded device connected to the LAN. My linux box has the usual setup of gcc/g++ and cross compilers. I have tried to use the RSE which works nice for showing my folder at linux but not found an way for starting gcc/g++ builds.

- Is there a way to start gcc/g++ builds at my linux box via the WinXp-Eclipse ?
- Is there a way to start debug sessions (gdb) on my embedded linux device via the WinXp-Eclipse ?

Thanks for any help !

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