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[cdt-dev] Question about Plug-in for embedded application

Dear all,

I posted in the newsgroup, but without success. I hope this is the right place for my question. Sorry in advance if it is not.

I'm developing Plug-ins to help me to debug my embedded project - at the moment I'm working on ARM Cortex-M3 based MCU. I was able to start building the user interface of my plug-in. Now I need to programmatically access the MCU memory (internal RAM and flash) from plug-in code in order to link the UI data model whit real data coming from the MCU.

Where can I find more information about how to do it? What API and class are involved? What documentation I could start to study?

I'm using:
- Eclipse Ganymede
- CDT 5.0.1
- GDB Hardware Debugging Plug-in 5.0.1
- GNU tool-chain

Best regards,
Stefano Oliveri

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