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[cdt-dev] CommandLinePattern macros

I've asked this question on the CDT newsgroup, with no joy. I hope the
CDT dev mailing list may be able to help

The various tools in the CDT tool chains construct a command line from a
set of macros, which can be seen as the CommandLinePattern option. For
example with the Linux GCC C compiler it is:


Where can I find any information on how these macros are defined? Are
there other macros? Can I modify the definitions or define my own?

I am trying to pass information directly from the Project Template
Engine to the Managed Build System so I can alter the command line for a
custom project template. I wish to add a prefix (variable) to

The best I've achieve so far is to pass information via
SetMBSStringOptionValue to set a tool chain specific option. However I
can't then see how to pick this up where I wish in the command line,
although it automatically appears in ${FLAGS}.

It's not a question I find answered by the MBS Extensibility Document or
the Project Template Engine guide. Using Google has indicated others
have the same problem, but no one has the answer.

I'm now at the stage of working through the source code of CDT to try to
find the answer. That will take me quite some time!

Any help appreciated.


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