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[cdt-dev] Configuration Disappears when I reopen project!!!!

I am using Eclipse 3.4.1.  (at least i think this is the Eclipse I am using - in the About it says: Eclipse 3.4.1 Build M20080911-1700, but in the software updates section it says Eclipse Platform 3.4.0.M20080911-1700)  So it is the same build just not sure its the same version.

According to the software updates section I am using CDT

It also suggests when I try to update that "there is nothing to update" - as in I think I am using a pretty recent version.  (I realise this is probably based on what update servers I have - these are the default that came with Eclipse Ganymede)

Unless I am missing something I think that this is a pretty major bug.

I am trying to add a configuration to a project.  I call the configuration "Library" and give it a description "Build static library".  I then change the build artifact in settings for this new configuration to be a static library and use default settings for name and extension etc...  I then build using this configuration and everything is as it should be - I generate a library .a and a library folder.  However, when I then close this project and reopen it my configuration has disappeared.  It is not in the list for possible builds or in the project properties configuration list.  But if you go a bit deeper into manage configurations for the project there is a clone debug configuration - this configuration doesn't have the same settings I added to my Library config.  It is basically a copy of the debug configuration.

I am running Eclipse on Linux and on Windows Vista and both Eclipses have the same problem.

Please advise me if I am doing something wrong or if there is a new release that fixes this or if it is a new bug?

Kind Regards

Dylan Reynolds

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