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[cdt-dev] DSF and DSF-GDB more review

Hi All,
I've prepared slides for a move review of these components to CDT (from DSDP/DD). Before I send these slides to the PMCs for approval, I would like to get feedback from the CDT community. I am especially uncertain about the placement of the new plugins in CVS. In the review I proposed that we create a new directory in CVS: /cvsroot/tools/org.eclipse.cdt-dsf, which kind of follows the existing pattern in /cvsroot/tools. But under this directory, there are usually just plugin directories. For DSF, we also have a few features and some projects used for manual testing. Any suggestions?

Also I'm not sure whether fixed and other resolved bugs should be moved to CDT. In the review I proposed to only move the open bugs, but this may cause important reference information to be lost or be more difficult to find. If we were to move the fixed bugs, what to do about version and milestone numbers?


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