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Re: [cdt-dev] bug 219337 - CDT trigger re-build on non changed project dependencies

I think we need a preference. Eclipse does not always knows what something is changed unless refresh is forces
(i.e. people edit files with vi or use command line tool source manager)

Vivian Kong wrote:
Currently when we build a CDT project, the external builder invokes 'make all' on the project and all its dependencies and lets 'make' figures out what needs to be build. We have a requirement to change this behaviour so that 'make' gets invoked only when the project and its dependencies have changed within Eclipse. I've attached a patch on bugzilla for this change.

I'm wondering if anyone is relying on the current behaviour. If so, we can always add a new option for the proposed change in CDT preference.


Vivian Kong
IBM Eclipse CDT
IBM Canada Toronto Lab


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