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Re: [cdt-dev] Problems with eoParser.findFileName(..)

I sorted the problem out more deeply,
with CDT 5.0.1 eoParser.findFileName(..) finds the file only with complete path in the project (like "\src\main.c"), before i just used the filename ("main.c")

>I just checked it out,
>with CDT I properly get the IFile object,
>with CDT debug and release test) my error parser doesnt 
>work because the findFileName() returns always NULL.
>I think it have to write a workaround now, because we are working my plugin 
>with CDT 5.0.1 at the moment...
>>Hi Patrick,
>>> I also saw in the GASErrorParser that this method get called more then one 
>>> looks like that the file didnt get catched at first try there too.
>>I don't think that's right, if you look at GASErrorParser, it's called
>>twice in different branches of the if.
>>Are you building against HEAD or CDT 5?  If you're using cdt 6, I have
>>a patch on which
>>makes the ErrorParserManager use Markus' new ResourceLookup mechanism.
>> If not then I'd suggest you file a bug.
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