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[cdt-dev] How to programmatically setup a preprocessor symbol ?

Hi there,

First of all I'm new to the whole CDT stuff. I'm currently working on a
plugin that
extends the new project wizard with an additional page while adding some
symbols to the newly created project. The UI stuff was quite simple and
I can access
the ICProject instance without any problem. Unfortunately I didn't
manage to get my
hands on the symbol list which is what I need. I only want to add
something like
"-Dfrog=cat" programmatically but until now I did not find the location
of the
Symbols. Maybe I'm to dumb for this but I've checked the news group
several tutorials
without any luck, so please help me if you can.
Thanks in advance.

P.S. Is there any location with detailed CDT information on the web ? I
mean docs
     about the internals etc. ?

With friendly regards

Daniel Kasmeroglu

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