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[cdt-dev] How to build CDT?

I'm at wits end (not a long drive) trying to rebuild CDT.  The Developers FAQ states that Export->Plug-in Development->Deployable Features should work, and it does except for the org.eclipse.cdt.sdk feature.  This feature needs a build.xml file in modules such as org.eclipse.cdt.doc.user, but Doug deleted those files last summer as part of the fix for 157260 (according to the CVS comment). 

The FAQ then states that one can use ant in org.eclipse.cdt.releng, but the instructions are incomplete.  I pieced together which bundles need to be downloaded, and eventually figured out what and templates variables should be.  Now it's failing in PDE's genericTargets.xml in fetchElement, with a "failed to create task" error.  My guess is that someone has a properties file with all the golden Ant variables in it -- would you please post it and/or update the FAQ?  Alternatively, could fixing building using the Export command within Eclipse be possible?


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