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[cdt-dev] cross-tool debugging

I am developing a Python package with mixed C and Python files,  and
I would like to develop it using CDT and Pydev in combination;  I am
using the latest version of both tools (5.0.1 and 1.3.24, respectively).

The C files are compiled into a shared library file, which is used by the
Python interpreter.  Is it possible somehow to use both the Pydev debugger
and the CDT in combination?  I have tried to setup two different projects; 
one for the Pydev project,  and another one for the shared library file
produced from the C files, which I try to attach to a local C/C++ application
(using the PID from the Pydev debugging process).   I haven't had any success
so far, however.

If anyone has experience in cross-tool debugging like this, I would
appreciate any pointers you might have.   I would also be happy to
iterate over a simple Hello_Pydev_CDT project for the wiki/FAQ,  which
I am sure will be extremely popular to developers of numerical and
scientific Python software.

Thank you for developing CDT - I am very impressed,  and almost
ready to retire emacs!

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