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[cdt-dev] CDT 6.0 and API

Hi committers,
For two reasons, I am missing a discussion about the planned changes to the API.
* Even if we deliver CDT 6.0 and thus do break API, we should be nice to our clients and keep
  the changes to the API minimal. Therefore an API change needs some justification. In many cases
  it is possible to provide a fix that only extends, but does not break API.
* A single committer is usually not aware of all the use-cases for an API and therefore an API change
  should be discussed before it is carried out.
Basically I would like to know about the planned API changes, but I also think that we should take this
further by making it mandatory to discuss a breaking change to AP on bugzilla, first. It is also a good
habit to inform committers about non-breaking extensions to API.
Please share your opinion,

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