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RE: [cdt-dev] How to figure out which function is using macro withindex only

a function never uses a macro, however a macro may be used to define 
(part of) a function or mutliple functions, see my examples below. 
In general you cannot map macro expansions to function definitions. 

To figure out the relationship between a macro expansion and function
definitions you'd need to know the file-offsets of the function
This information is currently not part of the index.


Why macro expansions don't map to function definitions:
#define TINT int
#define CALL printf
#define ENTIRE_DEF void func() {}
#define OVERLAP static int sVar; int getBla(){return sVar;} void
setBla(int x){sVar=x;}

void f1() {
   CALL("bla");  // ok, CALL is used within f1().
TINT f2() {}     // is TINT used within f2()??
ENTIRE_DEF       // ENTIRE_DEF is used to define func().
OVERLAP          // OVERLAP is used to define getBla(), setBla(int) and

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> Subject: [cdt-dev] How to figure out which function is using 
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> Hi,
> Here is the problem I'm trying to resolve:
> Let's assume there is a function that uses a macro.
> I need to find out which function is using a macro with index only.
> I can get the list of all the names of particular file with 
> IIndedFile.findNames(int offset, int length).
> This list will contain the macros (PDOMMacroDefinition and
> PDOMMacroReference) at the end of the list (after all other names).
> The problem is that I cannot figure out which function uses a macro:
> - PDOMCFunction.getFunctionScope() returns null, so I cannot 
> get offset and length of the function body. I.e. I cannot use 
> IIndedFile.findNames(int offset, int length).
> - PDOMName.getEclosedNames for a function does not return any macro
> - IIndex.findReferncies() for PDOMMacro or PDOMMacroContainer 
> returns the PDOMMacroReferenceName which in turn returns 
> PDOMMacroContainer as its binding.
> Is there any way to deal with this function-to-macro usage?
> Dmitry
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