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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT nightly builds


See [jwp] below. 

John Pruitt

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Hi John,

* Pruitt, John <john.pruitt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2008-10-03 16:28]:
> I am currently working with Europa and downloaded the
> It contains a runtests script for
linux that
> doesn't seem to have any chance of working so I suspect this zip file
> outdated or is only used on Windows systems.

This is the SDK runtests script and not the CDT one, right?  It works
fine on Linux for running the SDK tests for me.
[jwp] Yes, the runtests script I started with was from the SDK. The
first 4 lines of the script were:

# !/bin/sh

#set the DISPLAY for running tests on Linux

The space between the # and the ! Caused a problem on my system. I use
csh and the space means the script is run as a csh, not /bin/sh as
intended. As a csh script, it produces a lot of errors. 

The `$HOST` causes an error since $HOST is the name of the system and is
not an executable command that produces output.

> Nonetheless, I have modified the runtests script and some of the other
> files and have something that runs some CDT tests but I have a couple
> of problems.

I wrote a runtests script for the CDT tests.  Perhaps we should
[jwp] The other responses to my questions (Vivian and Doug) are leading
me to other scripts that seem more useful. 

> The number of tests in my batch run matches well with the official
nightly runs
> but this number seems considerably different from running the tests
> Eclipse.

Yeah, I've the same thing.  I haven't had time to track down why yet.

[jwp] Vivian suggests that the nightly script just runs tests in the
suites and maybe there are a lot of tests not in the suites. The
difference seems pretty large but maybe this is the problem. I would
think it would be highly desirable to have the nightly script run all of
the tests.

> Where are the scripts and files used to build and test CDT on a
nightly basis?

I'm not sure.

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