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[cdt-dev] OutOfMemory debugging in Eclipse


I'm using AST to parse files of the big project. Once parsed, some
info is extracted from translation unit and stored in
When I first encountered the OutOfMemoryError, I suspected this
Document to become very large. So, I've changed the way I use it and
discard all the additons once they are not needed.

But the OutOfMemoryError still persist! Perhaps I'm not releasing
something, but I cannot figure out that...

So, I would like to ask you, is there any way to debug this problem?
Can I know what is the memory status (i.e. how much is occupied, how
much is total)? I'm running my application as an application, not a
product, so I suppose the numbers in status line of Eclipse IDE is the
memory heap of this IDE process).
Can I find somehow any "huge" objects in heap?

P.S. Obviously, this maillist is not for this question, but maybe you can help.


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