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[cdt-dev] managed builder problem.

hello all

I am having some problem while extending the cdt managed builder.
basically i am creating a new project wizard page , which creates a project using "createCDTproject()",
after that i am adding the mingw (projecttype and toolchain) to it along with all the configuration.
When i am building the project , i am successfully getting the required dll files.
Now i want to change the build path directory so that the dll is created in my desired location not in "/project/debug/".
Apart from this i want to do some pre steps like compiling other files specific to my project.

I read somewhere , that i need to create my own makefile for this.Please correct me if i am wrong.

So i used

but this is not working for me.when i see the project c/c++ build properties , the build command is updated but the path is not.moreover the build makefile automatically button is selected by default.

When i say build its creating some make files inside"../project/debug/" directory.

Is there something I am missing.


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