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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 5.0.1 Countdown

Is it possible to add to 5.0.1 fix for 108489? It is a pretty simple fix for the bug which got voted 4 times in bugzilla - for the problem where error markers showing up in unrelated files, in our case in the middle of comments. The fix is to call verification on the file in one more "if" clause of ErrorParserManager. Could somebody from the committers take a look maybe?


On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 10:12 AM, Schaefer, Doug <Doug.Schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Just a reminder that Friday is the last planned build for CDT 5.0.1. We have the following defects on file:
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
240558 nor P3 Wind andrew.ferguson@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Doxygen comment generator doesn't recognize void parameter properly
242095 nor P3 Wind andrew.ferguson@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW doxygen documentation tool supports inserts lines with linefeed only on Windows platform
234860 maj P3 All recoskie@xxxxxxxxxx NEW New Project Wizard using "folders" for project type selection is totally unintuitive
219659 nor P3 Wind doug.schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx NEW mingw toolchain defined using internal builder
228319 nor P3 Wind doug.schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx NEW Mylyn Task List View should appear in C/C++ Perspective
236835 nor P3 All doug.schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx NEW CDT Mylyn feature: missing data

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