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Re: [cdt-dev] Refreshing UI when using IManagedOptionValueHandler

>>> The problem is that the compiler of my toolchain needs additional 
>>> optimization flags when i change the optimization level:
>>> When optimization level 0 is set, no other flags are needed, so they
>>> can be disabled.  When i change to optimization level 3 for example,
>>> two other flags have get enabled now and one enum flag has to get
>>> changed to an other value.
>> E.g. something like this?
>> Optimization level (enumerated option)
>>   O0 (enumeratedOptionValue)
>>   O1 (enumeratedOptionValue)
>>   O2 (enumeratedOptionValue)
>>   O3 (enumeratedOptionValue)
>> otherflag1 (boolean option) -> enable if O3
>> otherflag2 (boolean option) -> enable if O3
>> Other enumerated option
>>   flag1 (enable if O1)
>>   flag2 (enable if O1|O2|O3)
>>   flag3 (enable if O3)

> But if i do this, the user has no chance to work manually with the options,
> because all is based on enablements.

Instead of using IOptionApplicability.isOptionUsedInCommandLine like
James suggested you can also use IOptionApplicability.isOptionEnabled.
That way, given the above example, you can have otherflag1 and
otherflag2 enabled only if O3 is selected, that means the user can
still check/uncheck them, but only if O3 is selected. Dito for the enum
flags, in case O3 is selected only flag2/flag3 are shown so the user
can still select both of them.

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