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Re: [cdt-dev] Wait for build to complete and check if errors

> In my plugin, I have created some C/C++ projects (essentially, an  
> Import) and then build the workspace using:
>, monitor).
> I want to wait for the build to complete and then check to see if there  
> were any build errors. How can I detect when the build has completed?  
> The call above starts a build asynchronously.
> To check for errors, I am iterating through each project in the  
> workspace and calling:
>   project.findMaxProblemSeverity();
> Is this the 'right' way to check for build errors? Is there a better way?

As far as I can see the call is not asynchronous,
isn't the problem perhaps that you are doing a CLEAN_BUILD. This
normally only clears the build state for a project, but if you happen to
have 'Build Automatically' enabled it probably does trigger a build that
appears to be asynchronous.

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