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Re: [cdt-dev] Should we (re)introduce components in CDT

Mikhail Khodjaiants wrote:
I agree with the proposed process in general, it seems to be the way to go. Here are my 2 cents (or pennies, whichever currency you prefer)  
The hierarchy of components should follow the simple rule: from generic to more specific. For instance, the following would be the ideal structure for Debug (I understand it would require some serious efforts to implement it):
Common core and UI: used by all debug models, includes support for generic breakpoints, common views and menu actions, common launch configuration parts
Model level components: standard model/CDI, DSF, etc
Implementation level components: CDI/GDB, DSF/GDB, etc

I absolutely agree that the debug component could and should be split in such a way, but it will take some work to separate these components into their own plugins which is a requirement in my proposall for having separate components. I didn't want this change to hinge upon any future development work so that's why I suggested to just have this Debug component for now until it could be split.
The proposal to have a PMC and component leaders is very good, but it would take a lot of time from the persons involved. Is it realistic to expect this type of commitment from companies? The first step would be to find out who is committed to take these roles.
Absolutely.  So if a component ddidn't have a volunteer to act as a leader, the process in that component would just remain as it is now.  However, given that there would be a formal role defined for a component leader that would hopefully give some incentive for a volunteer to fill that role and gain the recognition that goes with it.  Also, in reality there already are leaders in the CDT community who contribute to the process that exists in CDT. 


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