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[cdt-dev] libtool / mingw/msys eclipse 3.4 problem

Although I also have send it to the mailing list, I decided to try this
list also. Maybe there are some knowledgeable people around ;-)


I have a large Makefile project that uses autotools for configuration.
If I run "../configure" and "make" from the MSYS commandprompt (rxvt)
evrything configures an compiles OK. 

However, if I use Eclipse to compile using exactly the same Makefiles, I
get an error at link-time: for some reason libtool (1.5.26) decides to
rewrite it's files (the asci stub files that point to the actual
library) and forgets that paths in Windows and MSYS work differently in
the process. 

Is it possible to force Eclipse to use MSYS's sh.exe or to force libtool
to use the correct paths? 



Joost Kraaijeveld
Askesis B.V.
Molukkenstraat 14
6524NB Nijmegen
tel: 024-3888063 / 06-51855277
fax: 024-3608416

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