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Re: [cdt-dev] Show Callees and virtual functions.

Please file an enhancement request at Thanks.


On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 12:22 AM, Andrey Eremchenko <kamre@xxxxxx> wrote:
thak you for your work!
I have switched to Eclipse+CDT after release of CDT5 as my main IDE. Support of C++ is very good.

But there are still some issues.

I am using "Open Call Hierarchy" very frequently, it works almost always correctly for "Show Callers".
But for "Show Callees" there is definitely problem with virtual functions. Consider the following code:

class Base {
 Base() {}
 virtual ~Base() {}
 virtual void First() {}
 virtual void Second() {}

class Derived: public Base {
 Derived() {}
 virtual ~Derived() {}
 virtual void First() {}
 virtual void Second() {}

void func(Base *base) {

int main() {
 Derived derived;
       return 0;

Select "Open Call Hierarchy" for main() and switch to "Show Calees" mode.
Expand the node main()->func(Base*)->Base::Second().
There are two sons of the node: Base::First() and Derived::First().
But there should be Base::Second() and Derived::Second().

I am using CDT:
 Build id: 200806171202

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