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RE: [cdt-dev] Anybody using p2?

Title: Anybody using p2?
At Wind I have a whole installer strategy based on p2. However, we haven't gone down the road of installing bundles as bundles with p2. We just treat them as binary bits like everything else we install. So things are super simple for us. The CDT itself isn't p2-ized either and I'm finding the p2 interface to old site.xml files works well.
p2 opens many doors (see my recent notes on the p2-dev list). I am hoping to build a community of IDE vendors around it. I know there are a few out there in the CDT community that are interested in the work I've been doing. I am hoping to have a publicly viewable example with Wascana sometime in the next couple of months.

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This is just a general question for people building IDE's based on Eclipse 3.4 and CDT 5.x.  I'm wondering how many people are using p2 and how many are sticking with the old updater.  We've run into a lot of issues p2-izing our products and are considering sticking with the old updater for now, possibly moving to p2 when Eclipse 3.5 comes out.


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