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[cdt-dev] FYI: The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure

Maybe CDT can make use of the new C/C++ frontend for LLVM

Especially the presentation about the Clang Static Analyzer seems interesting

Finding Bugs with the Clang Static Analyzer - The Clang Static Analyzer is a 
standalone tool that find bugs in C and Objective-C programs. The analyzer is 
100% open source and part of the Clang project (a new C/Objective-C/C++ 
frontend for LLVM). Although still very early in its development, the tool 
has been effective at finding thousands of bugs in real-world C and 
Objective-C programs. This talk presents a high-level overview of the goals, 
implementation, and current status of the tool.

Lothar Werzinger Dipl.-Ing. Univ.
framework & platform architect
Tradescape Inc. - Enabling Efficient Digital Marketplaces
1754 Technology Drive, Suite 128
San Jose, CA 95110

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