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Re: [cdt-dev] Eclipse CDT generated C++ binary works outside Eclipse and not in it!

this is normally because it can't find 'gdb'. You need to edit the name of the debugger in the debug configuration dialog.

abhimenon wrote:
Eclipse CDT 3.3.2 on Windows Vista; Cygwin installed with g++, make, pdb.
I created a simple C++ project that prints out "hello world". It compiles
fine and generates a binary. When I try to debug or run this binary from the
Eclipse IDE I get the error "Exec Error: Launching failed". When I double
click on the binary through Windows explorer it runs fine.
I checked my configurations for the executable, in there under Debugger I
have the following options Cygwin gdb debugger
gdb debugger
gdbserver debugger

I tried all four and get the same negative results with each.

What is going on? is it a problem with pdb / eclipse / cygwin




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