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Re: [cdt-dev] Detailed formatter feature for CDT, feedback welcome!

I really like the idea too, though it's obviously GDB-specific. Would it be possible to make this available as a patch to a bug?

Tor Arne Vestbø wrote:

I've spent a few of my creative Fridays implementing the JDT Details Formatter feature for CDT, and would like some feedback on my approach.

You can find the branch here:

Right now it's just a big commit, but I could try to divide it into smaller pieces if possible.

My approach was to copy as much of the GUI stuff from JDT, and then re-implement the back-end using GDB macros, which are loaded into the debug target. That way we could perhaps move the common parts to platform later on.

There' still a lot of stuff missing, like showing the result for mouse hover, or having formatters for base classes apply to subclasses too, but the general framework is there.

Here's a few screenshots:

What do you think?

Tor Arne

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