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Re: [cdt-dev] Make Target View

On 6/18/08, Elmenthaler, Jens <jens.elmenthaler@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



Asking about what users do with the make targets: We have large legacy projects, with makefiles being under control of other tools. The projects are created containing a large code base. So the build button is OK for the initial build. But once you are starting to edit, you just built the single directory that contains the edited source, because a delta compile for the entire project takes much too long.


Unfortunately, after having built the local directory, the CDT seems to refresh the entire project instead of just the directory that the market target is called for, and we don't get the expected speed advantage. The effect is that most users built on the command line and navigate manually to the error - or use SlickEdit instead of Eclipse.


I filed the following bug:


This is not a bug of the view, but it prevents us from actually using make targets, and thus from profiting from your work.

 Hi Jens,

There is also bug 176160 in bugzilla, I believe it is the same issue. Eric has a nice idea to have this behaviour configurable and specify which resources to update, and here comes the View. Indeed, our own make file projects create the binaries in different folder. Eric mentioned "External tool" dialog (that comes from the platform, right?). There are so many different ways to do essentially the same thing - add here "Run Configurations" then slightly stretching "External Builders". Probably it is a good idea to unify them in one kind of launch configuration and have a unified user interface at some point.


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