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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT Build (was: CDT Call Tomorrow)

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> Jesper Eskilson wrote:
> > Chris Recoskie wrote:
> >> +0.25 from me...
> >>
> >> While I agree that things are a nightmare right now and 
> that you have 
> >> to write Java code anyway if you are not supporting GCC, I 
> don't want 
> >> to be entirely forced to write everything in Java either.
> > 
> > I don't think anyone is suggesting that. It shouldn't be 
> too difficult 
> > to let the two ways (Java/XML) coexist peacefully.
> If you do it right, then you should be able to write a Java 
> plugin that interprets the XML and uses the standard API to 
> transfer the information from XML to programatic model.
> Just another layer of abstraction/implementation.

That's pretty much what happens now. There is an underlying build model
behind the managed build system. I think we just need to revisit it, and
make sure we have the APIs properly defined to fully edit it. And I'd
like to make it extensible so you can define your own build semantics if
you have the need. And at the same time, make sure we have common pieces
that other tools can get the build information they need.


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