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[cdt-dev] Ganymede RC4: Update manager fails on cdt-master archive install; no complaints of missing pre-reqs

I just downloaded ganymede RC4 (Mac OS X)
and got cdt-master from yesterday (
Via Help > Software Updates ... , I install from the cdt-master archive.
I do *not* have the MyLyn pre-req (Ganymede has never been good at telling what pre-reqs are missing, as Europa was. Europa told you EARLY. Very nicely.)
Install fails. (See for details)
CDT does not appear to be installed, and yet it won't let me install it again.

If I start over with clean install, uncheck Mylyn CDT bridge (and CDT testing feature), install works fine.

I have filed bug against platform/update which is where it seems to me the problem is,
but thought I'd mention it here.


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