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Re: [cdt-dev] Debugger duplicated name issue

I don't exactly understand... You have 2 files with the same basename in the project? If it is breakpoints related you can enable flag "Use full file path for breakpoints" in Debug tab of launch configuration. Otherwise I don't know what means "debugger tries to open source file". From what context?

Gregory Smirnov wrote:
Hello devs,

probably it is known issue, as some other issues with duplicated names and considered minor ( huh? )

If you have a project PRNAME and a folder in other project PRTEST with the same name, debugger tries to open source file in project PRNAME, while expected to open it from folder PRTEST/PRNAME. File open action triggered from other source file in debugging mode on Step Into action.

|- file1.cpp

Debugger: cannot open file /PRNAME/file.cpp

Eclipse Platform
Version: 3.4.0
Build id: I20080502-0100

CDT: 5.0.0 20080523-1539

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