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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT project creation

My understanding from my leads is that this is a totally reasonable suggestion ... i will definitely investigate it ...

Currently our plan is to provide essentially two work environments:

1.) Modeling Environment: ideally also with code, OAW templates, and model all in it ...

2.) Exported CDT project/workspace (or gnu make env) functionality ... this is required for people who will not have licenses for the modeling environment (i.e. people you're contracting for) <~~ this is what we are looking at first because we assumed it would be the easiest thing to do ... this may be incorrect ...


Wieant Nielander wrote:
I beginning to investigate porting my companies code generator to some new eclipse tooling built on EMF, GMF, and UML2 (etc).

My first object  is to do one of the following:

1.) Generate a simple gnu makefile project that can be build ext ... this is no problem ... 2.) Create a new CDT project in the current eclipse workspace with the correct gcc (crosscompiler and library references) ... 3.) Create a new eclipse workspace with a CDT project with the correct gcc (crosscompiler and library references) ...

The ideal situation would be to create a CDT project in the current workspace ... this would allow the customer to smoothly transition between a model and code view within eclipse ...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated ...


Just a suggestion which doesn't solve your actual problem, but another
approach might be to use the same project containing the UML or
whatever highlevel model to also contain the generated C/C++ code. In
terms of Eclipse the project would have a UML nature as well as a
C/C++ nature.

-- Wieant
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