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[cdt-dev] project templates docs vs cdt-5.0

would it be safe to assume that the current documentation (both online
and in cvs) are out of date when it comes to creating project
templates ?  for example, the NewManagedProject element seems to be
completely different.  the docs describe a bunch of fields that, from
looking at the java backend for it, no longer exist ?

a gui would be neat rather than having to write raw xml ;)

also, i'm assuming the set of options "SetMBS*OptionValue" can be used
to directly set defaults for the toolchain.  there doesnt seem to be a
"SetMBSEnumOptionValue".  i'm guessing i'd have to create a hidden
string and create a valuehandler for the enum so as to get the default
value from there ?  the docs are also a little scare as to what the
resourcePaths child represents.  i'm guessing the "id" corresponds to
the id of the toolchain option i wish to control, the "value" is
obviously the value, but i cant guess at what "path" is for ...

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