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Re: [cdt-dev] running cdt plugin

>> I???m trying to tweak the plugin org.eclipse.cdt.ui. I created a new PDE
>> What I want to do:
>> I want to tweak org.eclipse.cdt.ui to allow the choice of font and sizes
>> (not just color and styles) for the Syntax Highlight.

> I'd either check out the project from CVS so you know you have the pieces
> and parts right,
> or from the Plugins view (assuming you have the whole SDK) select that
> plugin and do rightMouse>import as > source project.
> I actually prefer the second one, you know you have the version that
> matches the rest of your workbench as a project.
> Then tweak to your heart's content.

I would suggest the CVS method, that way Thierry can do a
Team->Create Patch... and share this new feature with the rest of us...

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