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[cdt-dev] running cdt plugin


I’m trying to tweak the plugin org.eclipse.cdt.ui. I created a new PDE project, got the source for org.eclipse.cdt.ui_4.0.3 and used the plugin.xml and MANIFEST directly from the real JAR. I’ve set my compliance level to 1.4, all the dependencies are ok, there are no errors.

When I launch to project as an Eclipse Application, the workbench opens, but anything pertaining to the UI doesn’t work. There are many “missing message” errors, and the CEditor opens blank with a Initializing error.

It’s as if the content of my ui plugin can’t be seen by other plugins (org.eclipse.cdt.core for example) As if the ui plugin I’m trying to run can’t even see the packages contained by itself.


Could the team give me a little help?


What I want to do:

I want to tweak org.eclipse.cdt.ui to allow the choice of font and sizes (not just color and styles) for the Syntax Highlight.



Thierry Bélanger


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