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[cdt-dev] How to invoke a tool for ld script generation (without inputs)



I’m using CDT & MBS to define a toolchain based on GCC, and using the CDT internal builder.

For my linker tool, I need to provide a ld script (thanks to the -Wl,--script,<myscript> option)

This ld script has to be generated, taking as inputs some build variables in the current configuration, but no files. E.g. the script is generated through the command “genlinkscript ${MyBuildVariable} <myscript>”


I’ve tried to find an elegant solution to call this script-generation tool thanks to the build definitions:

- definition of a tool for the ld script generation

- addition of an input type representing the ld script to the linker

… but without success: my ld script generator is never called


Does anyone know if it’s possible to use MBS in such a way?


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