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Re: [cdt-dev] Overnight build on managed make projects

Schaefer, Doug wrote:
The official stance is that the makefiles generated by managed make are
not intended to be checked into source control (which is why they are
marked derived) and are not meant to be shared. The fact that they run
outside of Eclipse is also not really supported, but as you mention,
luckily it works.

There is a bug/enhancement request to support building managed build
projects in this manner. Idealy we would use a headless ecilpse to do
the build and take advantage of CDT's internal builder and other
builders where possible, but we have run into some weird dependencies
with core components on UI components that is currently preventing that.
I don't have the bug number handy but it shouldn't be too hard to find
(althought with >1200 open bugs it might be).

If I can dig it up, some months ago I wrote an eclipse --application
plugin extension that effectively ran eclipse to both generate the makefiles
for the local environment as well as optionally kick off and do a build.

Wanted to add in error reporting, console capture etc, but never quite
got around to it.

If there is some interest, I'll dig through my archives and pull it up.

Thomas Fletcher
Crank Software Inc.

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