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[cdt-dev] CDT 5.0 Rampdown

Hey guys,

Thanks Markus! This is exactly what we need starting today. Everyone please let us know when you commit something.
Remaining bugs:
ID Changed Sev Pri Assignee Reporter Status TargetM Summary
220529 2008-02-28 nor P3 Anton Leherbauer Markus Schorn NEW 5.0 [Common Navigator] Show In support does not work
102643 08:50:16 nor P3 cdt-core-inbox@ec... Vladimir Yanovsky NEW 5.0 [F2] fails with-in function style macro body definition
176427 2007-11-14 nor P3 cdt-core-inbox@ec... Wei Jiang NEW 5.0 [Parser] syntax error parsing a prototype with multiple attributes
230159 2008-05-06 nor P3 Chris Recoskie Irit Belezko NEW 5.0 "Build selected files" does not save changed files
230161 2008-05-05 nor P3 Chris Recoskie Irit Belezko NEW 5.0 "clean selected files" causes NullPointer exception
194823 2008-05-23 nor P3 Doug Schaefer Jiju George T NEW 5.0 org.eclipse.cdt.debug.gdbjtag.ui plugin does not expose package to downstream plug-ins
217292 2008-02-08 maj P3 Doug Schaefer Marko Tomljenovic NEW 5.0 Starter.exe behaving different than Runtime.exec() during building Standard Make Project
219659 2008-03-05 nor P3 Doug Schaefer kensing@xxxxxxxxxx NEW 5.0 mingw toolchain defined using internal builder
228319 2008-05-02 nor P3 Doug Schaefer Doug Schaefer NEW 5.0 Mylyn Task List View should appear in C/C++ Perspective
185049 2007-11-21 nor P3 Mikhail Sennikovsky Mikhail Sennikovsky ASSI 5.0 [Project Model]ISV documentation should be updated to reflect the New Project Model functionality changes
191913 2007-11-21 nor P3 Mikhail Sennikovsky Markus Schorn NEW 5.0 ICProjectDescriptionManager.getProjectDescription returns null
196118 2008-01-17 min P3 Mikhail Sennikovsky Anton Leherbauer NEW 5.0 CDescriptor junit test fails occasionally
231742 Thu 13:09 maj P3 Sergey Prigogin Sergey Prigogin NEW 5.0 StackOverflowError in indexer
13 bugs found.

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