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RE: [cdt-dev] How to create a CDT Standard Make Project

Hi Martin,
I completely agree!
Selecting the Project Type categories (which have a folder icon) to create an empty project is definitely non-intuitive. 
Other issues I've noticed users having (in CDT 4 at least -- not sure if they're fixed in CDT 5):
1) The Executable Project Type contains an "Empty Project" template -- this appears to perform the same action as creating a project by selecting the Executable container (none of the other categories contain the Empty Project template...)
2) Having made their choice of language: File > New > C Project ; File > New > C++ Project, templates for the non selected language appear in the list, i.e. both HelloWorld C & Hello World C++ templates appear.
3) I know that 'Makefile' is the new Standard Make, but many users coming from CDT 3 find this confusing as, unless using the internal builder, CDT managed projects are also built using Makefiles. 
I think your second tree you proposed appears most natural.  While Managed and standard make may have been unified, to the user there is a fundamental difference between CDT managing the build and the user generating makefiles.

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Subject: [cdt-dev] How to create a CDT Standard Make Project

Hi all,
I just came across what I find a MAJOR hurdle for
CDT Newbies, or people upgrading from earlier versions.
I wanted to create a CDT Standard Make project; looking
for the corresponding project type that used to be there,
I didn't find it so I chose "C Project".
On the page where I can select Project types, I found a
folder "Makefile Project" and below it an item "Hello world
C++ Project". So, no way to create a normal Makefile
It took a CDT committer (Markus) to tell me that I can
actually select the FOLDER named "Makefile Project"
and it's a valid project type. It might be obvious for
CDT committers and power users, but I don't think that
any newbie would ever find that out by himself.
What about making the folders non-selectable and adding
separate items below them for the normal config? Or,
going with a tree like this:
Managed Build Executable/
   +- CDT Executable Project
   + Examples/
         Hello World C++ Project
Managed Build Shared Library/
   + CDT Shared Library Project
Makefile project/
   + CDT Makefile Project
   + Examples/
         Hello World C++ Project
Or, even a tree like this:
Managed Build/
    + Executable
    + Shared Library
    + Static Library
    + Empty Project
    + Examples/
           Hello World C++ Project
           Hello World ANSI C Project
Makefile Project/
    + CDT Makefile Project
    + Examples/
          Hello World C++ Project
Where the folders (boldface) are not selectable but just
expandable containers for the subnodes.         
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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