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[cdt-dev] remote services through Eclipse PTP & RDT on cross platforms

Hi All,
I have developed a plugin by extending RSE to integrate the local environment and now am looking for remote indexing. I have Windows as local platform and Linux as remote platform. Since i am just looking for remote indexing and not planning for parallel excution; i think PTP would serve good in case of Windows(local) and linux(remote) (please correct if going wrong or in case of any better option) I have downloaded and installed PTP on Windows successfully.
I have also installed Openmpi (though i am not looking forword for any parallel execution). But facing problems during installing it on linux;getting following error.
configure: error: LoadLeveler not installed, skipping....
is LoadLeveler compulsory to install even if i dont wish for parallel execution?
or am i going somewhere wrong? Please direct.

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