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[cdt-dev] problem with eclipse3.4M6a and cdt extension points.


I am trying to build an eclipse based product using eclipse3.4M6a.
But when I add any "CDT Extension points" in  META-INF > MANIFEST.MF
>Extensions , only "New > Generic" option is there.

For eg, while adding the extension point
"org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.buildDefinitions" Options like "New
>buildefinitionstartup,builder,configuration,... etc " are not listed as
in the previous version like eclipse3.3 or eclipse 3.4M5.

Here we have updated CDT and RSE from the Eclipse Ganymede update

Can anyone help me......?We have to release our product with 3
days...Now we are developing everything in Eclipse3.4M5.Need to change
to Eclipse3.4M6a before release...

Thanks in advance .......
Bhavana Babu

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