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Re: [cdt-dev] event breakpoints

Since no one replied and I don't want to wait anymore I commit the 
changes, please take a look.
There is Add Event Breakpoint (C/C++) menu action in breakpoints toolbar 
menu. If you don't have mi it will show error message, if you have mi 
plugins it will show dialog with type selection.

- Icons - I draw initial one but I am not a graphic designer
- Figure out if there is any way to disable view action without loading 
plugin if it is not applicable
- Gdb/Mi - look at 6.8 to see if it supports more of advertised event 
breakpoints and fix mi engine
- Breakpoint error notification - currently there is no way to show 
"error" marker on breakpoint to see why it failed to set
- Find a proper location for action or at least similar location as Add 

Elena Laskavaia wrote:
> I am ready to commit event breakpoint support.
> I made an MI implementation, but it works only for catch and throw
> without arguments in my gdb version.
> The only open question left is where to put action in UI, we likely to
> move it next release if we get bug 227394 approved.
> The reasonable places:
> a) add to context menu where the current Add Watchpoint is or
> b) add to View menu, and move Add Watchpoint there too, because as
> common agreement it should not be in context menu
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