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RE: [cdt-dev] junit tests

The only JUnits we run are the ones for the nightly builds. Everything
starts at the test.xml file in the org.eclipse.cdt.testing plug-in,
which lists the test suites that get run. Adding JUnits is as simple as
adding tests to those suites or adding new suites.

Never thought of doing a lastest link, might be a good idea. But
generally, I'm always looking to see when the build was done so I
wouldn't use a latest link.

Feel free to update the wiki with what you find. The people who set up
the test suite are all long gone (originally done by the testers at QNX
years ago).

BTW, we have a lot of test failures, especially in managedbuild. We
should be looking at why those are failing.


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I was search wiki page for any documentation regarding our junits, I
could not find anything...
I am looking for description on test environment, schedule of automated
tests and latest test results.
Along with documentation of creating new test, adding testing packages
into build etc.
Do we have anything like this?

I kind of can found some results following CDT nightly builds but there
is no link to "latest" so I cannot even bookmark it.
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