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[cdt-dev] Re: Handling all compiler artifacts

Hi Ryan,

Ryan Hapgood <ryan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Subject: [cdt-dev] Handling all compiler artifacts
> Our toolchain outputs numerous information files (.map, .lst etc) over
> the various build stages. These files (all in the build directory) are
> not used as inputs to any other tools and after a build they are not
> visible in the "C/C++ Projects" (or "Navigator") view. The only files
> that appear are the intermediates (outputs later used as inputs) and the
> one build target, after a refresh (F5) the other files appear.

> In reality, any file that is generated by the compiler should (in our
> case) appear in the view and be deleted by a clean. Does anyone have any
> ideas as to what the best approach to achieve this could be?

Please have a look at the following CDT ticket :

We have the same issue for our tool-chain. However, we also have our own builder which builds an index of some intermediate files generated by the compiler, and because this builder runs after the CDT (internal) builder we have the opportunity to trigger a manual refresh of the project tree.

Philippe Coucaud

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