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[cdt-dev] Handling all compiler artifacts

I've recently switched to using the CDT internal builder for our
toolchain and was hoping someone may be able to help me out with a few

Our toolchain outputs numerous information files (.map, .lst etc) over
the various build stages. These files (all in the build directory) are
not used as inputs to any other tools and after a build they are not
visible in the "C/C++ Projects" (or "Navigator") view. The only files
that appear are the intermediates (outputs later used as inputs) and the
one build target, after a refresh (F5) the other files appear.
Similarly, the intermediates & target are not removed from the view
after a clean (again, a refresh shows they have been deleted).

I've tried:

- Adding outputTypes (for the file extensions) to the tools and setting
them as secondaryOutputs in the toolchain.
- Configuring the primary outputType (in the targetTool) with all the
extensions and enabling multipleOfType.

With little success. The clean command will only include secondary
outputs from tools that are not the targetTool, and even if those
resources do not appear in the views.

In reality, any file that is generated by the compiler should (in our
case) appear in the view and be deleted by a clean. Does anyone have any
ideas as to what the best approach to achieve this could be?


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