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Re: [cdt-dev] Excessive rebuilds, including a Tool.setRebuildState() bug

To follow up on this earlier remark of mine:

"Oh, and I’m convinced that once in a while, the non-C/C++ Project Reference
boxes get re-checked, based on the C/C++ Settings incarnations.  But not
regularly enough for me to find out why."

-- the answer is that creating a dependency in the C/C++ Project References
also sets the non-C/C++ Project Refererences.  That happens in
(which used to be in a different package...) which calls
checkProjectRefChange() to do the actual work.  This then causes the Active
configuration of the depended-on project to be rebuilt when the top-level
project is built, which is not what we want.  On the other hand, if that
code were changed, functionality like "Open Referenced Projects" would no
longer work.  I'm not sure what the right thing to do is here.  (It's
especially hard to know because the Platform online-documentation doesn't
say what the Project References panel is actually guaranteed to do.)

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