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[cdt-dev] ErrorParser / Logging problem

Title: ErrorParser / Logging problem

Hello guys,

I want to implement the following thing:

Whenever a build is started I finally want to have a copy of the console (build output) to be in the defined build output file (defined in the project properties).

For that I am using a "Logger" error parser that gets each line of the build output. To be able to write a performance optimized logger I need to know when the last line of the build output is reached.

Since the error parser manager removes the \n char from the current line before handing it over to the error parsers I don't know how to determine whether the current line is the last line. A dirty way is to the get the private attribute currentLine from the error parser manager instance since this attribute contains the complete line. But I want to avoid this way if possible.

Can anybody help me or does anybody have another idea to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance

Greetings Marko

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