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Re: [cdt-dev] Custom build rules

> How I can create universal build rule (using manged build system) for many
> files (grouping by file extensions)? Or, how I can create toll, which is
> toolchain-independent. I need use such tool with different toolchains. For
> example - many codegenerators (yacc, moc, byson, etc.).
> The best solution - is analog of *.rule
> files<>in
> VS (2005 and greater).
> Other solution - is extension-point for creating tools, that is
> toolchain-independent.

In my opinion the best solution is to write a separate plugin for such
codegenerators, with its own nature/builder and preferences. When
active the generated .c/.h files should automatically be picked up by
CDT or, in theory, any other feature capable of handling C/C++ files.


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