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[cdt-dev] Overriding CDebugModelPresentation

  In  our product we want to change some of the  presentations layer things which cdt does thru the CDebugModelPresentation. For that I dont  like to hack the cdt class and do our changes , instead I would like to extend the cdt class and override the required methods.

Here I am facing some issue since  most of the  debug elements in the cdt are looking for the CDebugModelPresentation ( it looks like that the id is some where hard coded),  my new debug model presentation is  not coming in the picture.

If I comment out the extension where the cdt  contributes its debug model presentation and i use the same id as cdt , things works fine.  But I am not sure this is the only way to go.

Is there any other way where my new debug model presentation is used every where .without hacking cdt code ?


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