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[cdt-dev] Indexer behaviour for makefile projects?


When creating a makefile project using "Other Toolchain", "Cygwin GCC", or "MinGW GCC" in CDT 4.0.3, no source files in the project are indexed. Even if the sub-directory in the project that contains the source files is set up as source location in the project properties, nothing is indexed. Only if "Index all files" is selected in project properties, the source files are indexed. On the other hand, when creating managed projects (Executable, Shared Library, or Static Library) the source files are automatically indexed.

* Is this the intended behaviour for makefile projects?

* If a subset of a makefile project is set up as source location, will "Index all files" only index that subset then?

* When using "Index all files", will the indexer only index C/C++ source and header files or will it waste time and try to index other non-source files as well?


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